Sacred Heart - Gaia Oracle

Sacred Heart

Hi everybody!
Today we have pulled a card from a new deck we recently bought: the ‘Gaia Oracle‘ by Toni Carmine Salerno.

The card invites us to open our hearts.
Let’s connect with the pure energy of Love that is inside of you (and outside, and in all things).
Feel that we are all part of Mother Earth, not separate from it!

Due to astrological alignments, emotions can feel *very* intense in this period, with moods at the opposites of the spectrum: you’d either feel extreme joy or extreme sadness, love or hate, bliss or anxiety: it all depends on how you are facing the changes in the human collective consciousness that are happening right now at a global level! Are you flowing with them and showing up for your growth? Or are you opposing them?

Connect with the earth. Feel appreciation for all life and every living creature.

While I was trying to shoot the photo for this post, I felt something moving under the plants, and the card fell. It was a toad, jumping around in my backyard! I had just positioned the card a second time, when the creature jumped again, and the card did not fall, but moved slightly and rested in the position in which you can see it in the picture – which I think is nice.

When this happened, I could have approached this situation by getting frustrated by the animal interfering with my activity and slowing me down, and complain about it. A lot of people would have seen it that way, I am sure.

I chose to have a laugh, instead, and thank God for the blessing of being visited by a helper from the animal kingdom who came to adjust and provide the final touch to the set for the photo I was shooting – and see the miracle in it!

It’s always our choice.

So, when energies are high and you can’t make sense of things, you can always look at Nature and see its perfection.

Another good use of this emotional period is to get your creative juices flowing! Write, paint, sing, dance, draw… let it all out!

Both Nature *and* art are profoundly healing.


* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading with us.

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