Experiencing the moment

Live each moment

Happy Sunday! Today it might feel like you are getting towards the end of a tunnel; light is in sight, the worst is over.

But be aware that awakening is only the first step. Too easy it is to fall back asleep and get trapped in the illusion again.

Be mindful of who you spend time with or ‘connect to’ (i.e. what you read on the internet, what you see in the news or coming from the entertainment industry), give yourself ample time to cleanse yourself emotionally after you have absorbed lower vibrations, and strive to maintain a rhythm and spiritual practice! Remain aware of your thoughts and actions, and keep your heart connection open. You are learning to flow!

Hint: start by greeting the new day with joy!

Suggested music to start your Sunday is this song by Lou Rhodes

[youtube id=”9A9XHsXtEkQ” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]

“Each moment new” – Lou Rhodes

A wise man said to me
Don’t underrate simplicity
So I strip my life away
And try to live each day by day
And feel
Each moment new

Tho so hard I try
So many failings cloud my eye
And with troubled mind
A sense of peace so hard to find
To feel
Each moment new

But I will be
All I can be
Do everything
With all I have in me
Life is a blessing
This much I know
And every lesson
Can only help us grow
To feel…
Each moment new

Another thing we missed
Love is really all there is
And together, sure
Most anything we can enjoy to feel
Each moment new
To feel
Each moment new

PS – Quote in the post’s picture is from Gina Lake.

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