You've got the power!

You’ve got the power!

When the low, heavy sky weighs like a lid (quot. Charles Baudelaire), the situation might seem difficult and maybe you are a little tired, today. You have been going on for so long and maybe spreading yourself a bit thin, and this has been a period of awakening and renewal for many, so it’s only natural to be feeling a bit drained.

And yet it is often in these times that we become more awake of our power and we have the opportunity to learn how can we not stay stuck in those moments, and find back our strength, one step at a time.

Of course we could choose to be victims, complain and rebel; but we can always also choose to convert those adverse conditions into blessings! This might imply resting, dreaming, digesting and rationalizing a bunch of overflowing emotions to bring them back to their right proportions, then tell our ego’s to shut up all that bullshit and focus on seeking the hidden opportunities that are also there, and investigate the darkness with a flashlight and with child-like curiosity.

The choice is ours. The choice is yours.

Just know that you are divine.
You have the power of infinite creation within you.
You can change the bad into good.
And so it is.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

“[…] Inside the narrow space of her son’s mouth she saw the whole universe. There was the whole earth, heaven, sun, moon, stars and all else! All the gods and goddesses were there. […]”

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