One step at a time...

One step at a time…

Things might move slower that our minds would like, today. And yet there is a sensuality in how everything is beautifully unfolding. Even when you look at how gracefully you stepped onto life’s challenges and have overcome them, there is always a miraculous set of seemingly unrelated actions that in retrospective show ourselves how everything is lovingly interconnected.

Look back at your life story: even ‘wrong’ turns have always led you to some new discovery, isn’t that true for you?
For me it certainly is: most of my ‘best’ moments could not have existed if it had not been for a series of ‘bad’ ones leading to them, first… what can I do about it? It is what it is. It’s how life rolls. Accept the bad is there, but forgive it and forget it quickly, and just treasure the good!

You don’t have to struggle and force your actions. I know you would like to do everything and have it all done and ready for yesterday but… if that’s not where you are at, it’s OK too – let go of the worry a little, don’t obsess over it. Just keep swimming, but be smart! For example, if you are tired, let the currents do the heavy work and take you places, effortlessly, by just being in the flow. You don’t have to resist the flow! You don’t have to stay still either. Small progress, easy progress – it’s all progress. Take pride in each, however small, step. Because they do add up.

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