Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself

“[…] it is easy for us to have faith in physical phenomenal things – things we see and hear; but, because spiritual things are not perceptible to the senses, we are afraid to place our faith on them and depend on them. Yet God’s hand is ever working. […]” – Swami Paramananda

Emotions might be intense, today. Don’t beat yourself up.
It’s important to understand that, whatever thoughts those emotions might trigger, you are not those thoughts. You are the observer of those thoughts. The Ego, when you get an emotional response, keeps coming up with all sort of ‘matches’ and options and possibilities and ideas, without really vetting their accuracy, morality, long term cost, etc – pretty much like an Internet search engine – but it is always up to you to pick some results and not other ones! Like in a restaurant, you don’t have to feel guilty for not ordering the whole menu – just pick the items that make sense for you, and leave the rest. Don’t feel bad for having thought about those other things! Don’t identify with those thoughts; they are not who you are. They come from whatever you have absorbed and are absorbing from the media, from you education and environment. But they also come from human kind’s collective consciousness, from other people’s thoughts and ideas happening right now, which we do pick up even if unspoken, and even if at a distance, if we have established emotional connections with those other people.

Understand and remember that you are bigger than what you see in your mind’s eye, and that you are not that screen; you are the person who’s watching that screen!
You are the soul that is inhabiting this body, and can use that brain function just like you would use Google, no more and no less.

Have compassion with yourself for the mistakes you made, and trust that you will figure things out – as you always did!
You know how strong you can be and have been – even when flooded with emotions you have always kicked ass! – just look at all you made you thru so far in life and all that you created!

Just trust the process as you go along and stay in flow! Success!

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