Be yourself

Be yourself. Do good.

It’s good to have goals, but there is no need to obsess over them: otherwise the wait might seem unbearable!

Just focus on each task at hand, do small steps each day, and flow thru life. Do everything that you do with Love and care.
Do you love what you do?
Do you find joy in it?
If you do, then that’s when your light is shining the most, for all to see, and bring your unique gifts to the world.

If you don’t love what you do, instead, then question: why are you actually doing it?
Why don’t you allow yourself to be *fully* yourself, instead?

We should be working for a happy world. And a happy world is made up of happy individuals. On a plane they tell you that, in case of emergency, oxygen masks will be made available, and that you have to put up your own first, before you can think of helping others (kids, etc) do the same.
The same is true for world happiness: if you are not happy yourself first, how can you possibly contribute to it?

We should not do things just to make a lot of money, achieve success, or because of fear, if they go against what our heart is telling us.
It is by working diligently and patiently on things we can love, on things for which we’ll kick ourselves in the butt and keep doing even when they appear difficult, when they require all of our courage but we keep going because we believe in them, that we bring light into this world.
Even if it seems that we are swimming against the current of conformity, if we know in our hearts that the things we are doing are right, and we do them with our purest intentions and compassion, we also enlighten ourselves.

Every day we learn and we teach something. By accepting that we never know anything, and we accept Life to be our school, we enter the game of really learning how to give and to receive, rather than try to control, win or lose.

If you do anything to make a person happy, no matter what it is, be glad of it. You have done well. – Swami Ramakrishnananda

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