I am learning how to relax

I am learning how to relax and just enjoy life

The new moon has given you insights, even if just unconsciously in your dreams, and you might feel charged up today, and restless at the same time: you have more ideas than you can put yourself to work on, and you might find it difficult to prioritize and choose what to focus on. You feel like you want to do everything, but don’t have enough energy nor time for all…
When your thoughts start spinning that way, finding back simplicity is the key: pause the thread mill for today – it’s Sunday, after all, and those ideas won’t fade – and focus on getting your life simplified, for the time being. Rushing things won’t make them turn out better. Those fresh ‘jumpy’ new ideas still need their time to consolidate – and this happens best in the background of your mind, while you do other – unrelated – things, and when you take it easy.

Spending time in Nature is a great way to get your head cleared. And by ‘spending time in nature’, we never mean climbing up a mountain, here at the Sanctuary of Joy: walking with bare feet in the park, watering the plants in your garden, feeding the ducks at the lake, taking a nap under a tree’s shade are all perfect examples of activities that will are guaranteed to reconnect you with Mother Earth.

If you really can’t take it easy, today, and must feel a sense of accomplishment of sort, start by clearing clutter in your house (or just a room, or a cupboard, or in your backyard…). Clearing spaces and organizing your physical belongings, getting rid of some stuff you don’t need anymore help release old emotions and create new thinking space in your head and in your heart.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading with us.

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