'Retreat' Romance card

This Earth is the garden of Eden (if you make it so)

I had a vision, and the garden of Eden was not some different place or a different world.

Adam/Eve (metaphors for the early people on earth) were not really ‘banned’ from it nor had to physically move some place else. There was no external ‘God’ entity actively punishing them and banning them from the heavenly paradise.

It was just that the first inhabitants on earth, over time, let their ego and fear drive their actions. Mankind got trapped in the illusion, it didn’t respect Nature and started breaking it apart, instead, in order to study it, dissect it and having a sense of control over it.

By doing that, as they were detaching from Nature, they gradually detached from Love, from taking heart-based decisions. By starting to be fearful and trying to control too much, those negative emotions they were experiencing got out of hand, blame appeared, and human beings cast themselves ‘out’ of that place of bliss they had come to live in – not in the physical sense, but in the sense that they were not experiencing that bliss any longer, by their own behaviors.

It’s the monkey mind which killed (and keeps killing) paradise.
It’s Love alone that can restore it.

It does not matter how busy you think you are or need to be, how stressed you feel due to work and other people’s influences, it doesn’t matter what others tell you – find deliberate time for those you love, spend time with them. Listen to what they have to say. Be there for them.
Don’t give your loved ones for granted, but step up big time to make sure you make them a priority.
Turn your computers, cellphones, tablets and television off in the evenings, and find the time to talk to your partner and connect.

Do something together that you enjoy. Go out for dinner together. Take a weekend trip somewhere. Today’s oracle card: ‘Retreat’ – from the ‘Romance Angels oracle cards’ by Doreen Virtue – is definitely an invitation to do this. It might even represent a wedding or honeymoon (like the image suggests), but we feel in general is matching the ongoing theme of this period that we have seen recently with the Tarot card ‘Ten of Cups’, which we pulled both on May 20th and for the first part of the month of June’s general reading.

Most of all, in a partnership, ignore everyone else and communicate with each other the most. Talk. Talk, people – many stories fall apart because people stop talking and expressing what they feel, and listening to each other.
Keeping a thread of communication, staying centered in our hearts, keep the conversation always ongoing and working through issues as they occur is the key to any relationship we care for and we want to work. Talk, talk, talk. As families, as individuals, and as a society, we need to step into the future holding hands and singing songs, not building walls. It starts in each home, it shapes all of society – and its future. Our future. Everybody’s future.

If you are not currently in a partnership, this card invites you to spend time alone to meditate upon your true feelings and thoughts, your other (friends/family) relationships, your past romantic relationships, and get clarity about what you really want, analyze your past behaviors, as well as which action steps and inner work you can do to attract romance in your life.


* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one reading with us.

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