When I drive the kids to school in the morning, it is generally busy on the roads.
We can see many people in the other cars are stressed, hasty. Some of them feel they are running late for something and nervously and dangerously surpass you (my old Volkswagen van doesn’t pull up as fast and that seems to irritate a few other drivers) just to meet you again at the next traffic light. Some ladies put on their makeup because they don’t feel confident enough about themselves and how they look and what others would think. Too many folks listen to crappy radio stations that reinforce their brainwashing. Many are on their phones. Most seem to be suffering from some past regret, worry about the future, anger. If you have ever been in traffic, you have seen these scenes, too. I know at an earlier point in my life I have been doing some of those things too.

In our van, these days, we usually talk, or sing our own secret silly songs. We also look for opportunities to spot flowers, birds and other animals by the side of the road or on the fields, we watch for rainbows when the weather is right, and try to be generally unaffected by how the other folks see the urge of their own commutes, and try to stay in our bubble, at our calmer speed.
We usually arrive early, or right on time.
Even on those darker winter days when Sara (my younger daughter) is more tired and says she doesn’t really want to go, by the time we arrive at the schoolyard her mood has changed around and she’s looking forward to what the new day will bring. One step at the time.