You don't need money to be rich

You don’t need money to be rich

On this last day of May, with the Moon in Aries, you might be working through some necessary changes in your life. The last several months have been confronting you with parts of yourself that you didn’t want to see, with memories and dreams of past – and often painful – experiences that were buried deep down and suppressed, with delusional ‘bubbles’ and false images of yourself you had built for others.
The last few days might have been difficult – even painful – particularly if you have been trying to resist or oppose those changes, or if you have been simply procrastinating them. You might have been clinging to excuses to stay in toxic situations, to keep seeing yourself trapped, to stay in a victim’s role.

Letting go of our old ways of thinking, behaving, or feeling, is needed to make progress.
We have let some part of us die, before we can open up for something better.
Sacrificing our big inflated Ego’s might be all that this is about, and yet we all know it’s hard to separate from that.
Letting go with compassion is an act of Love, not anger.

You are your own life’s boss. The power of the light that you shine is there with you the whole time, even if you try to suppress it and don’t want to see it, it still burns. The candle has a limited amount of time, and I think that if you don’t use your energy to help others, but to pursue vanity, material success, meaningless entertainment… is it worth? Sure, it’s your candle, you can use it as you like. But think: what will future generations remember about you? What legacy are you leaving behind, with your current life choices? What makes or would make your life really meaningful? Which choices related to health care, food production and consumption, work-life balance, are you making that will improve your life and leave the planet in a better shape for future generations?

Focus on those things, ignore the distractions.

Let your false wishes go! Take charge! Go forward with optimism and faith!
Walk over the bridge of compassion, over the river of transformation, and into to the land of light! A good destiny awaits you.

The current wound is painful, but rest assured that the future will be good.
You are here to fulfill your life purpose and you have all that it takes and all that is needed for it.
Fear not.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one reading with us.

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