Love makes the world go round

Love makes the world go round

What is that makes the world turn around, really?

In the midst of a hundred million galaxies, we move on a giant flying rock that gently dances around the fire of a nuclear explosion. There are a lot of other giant flying rocks and other fires that dance with us. On ‘our’ rock, as well, nothing is still. The earth itself gives feeding to plants, which give feeding to animals and purify the air for the animals to breathe. Animals and plants die on the earth, and in turn release their energy back to it to give new nourishment to plants, again. Atoms and energy are exchanged by each thing or being in this world: I am breathing air, in and out, and the same air particles I am breathing right now will eventually be carried by the wind, dispersed, and parts of them will be inhaled by various other people’s lungs, by birds, plants, dogs.
Our waste goes around, too. The same atoms that were in my poop will feed fishes in the ocean. Good for them that I eat organic.
Also music, voices, sounds, images, colors, and all sort of other vibrational energy moves all the times between all of creation’s children. Those vibrations resonate in our heads long after we have perceived them. You evolve and grow – and change – constantly feeding on new experiences, information, suggestion and beauty.
With this continuous set of transformations, of decaying and dissolving and recombining energy and matter (matter is energy), we all are, essentially, and literally, everyone else. I obviously and certainly had at one point a few influences and particles who previously had belonged to Napoleon, Dorothea Lange, Baudelaire, and a few other people.

It has always been this way. It will always be this way.

Gradually evolving from a disorganized mass of atoms, the primordial world started giving life, and life evolved and improved at each generation: from rocks to corals to plants, to animals. Initially it sprung from the water that calmed the fires. Plants played a major role in purifying the atmosphere and allowing the air to be clean for life to come on the surface.
It all played beautifully and patiently, like a tasty soup cooked on a slow fire.

It takes a tree to make a leaf
Strong the root underneath
Lamb, ‘Strong the root’

Gently tend the fire like mother earth has always done, and allow the soup to cook right. It’s inside of you by your human and divine nature.


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