When a phase ends, a new one implicitly begins. Nothing in this world really dies, it simply transforms. This is no time to get caught up in the struggles of the worldly people, outmoded family expectations or social class prejudices. Look at what we have achieved, how far we got! We have used our creativity and our power to manifest a life that is rich and filled with joys!
You don’t believe me?
Count your blessings, and see how many they are!
Or start a list where you write a least one thing that made you happy, each and *every* day. If you don’t have major events to report, just something small would do (i.e. “I saw a bunch of wild red poppies growing by the side of the street while stuck in traffic and they made my day more pleasant.”). But do it every day. Go ahead with this exercise for a few weeks, and meditate on the list as it grows. Read it and re-read it, and recall the beauty and joy of those moments, situations and experiences you’ve had! See how keeping a record of the positive things, purposely and repeatedly focusing on them gives your confidence a boost. Happiness is like a muscle that needs exercise. It gets easier over time, with practice.
If you still, from time to time, fall trap to pain, despair, anxiety, guilt or worry: do not dwell in them, don’t be a victim! And don’t expect other people (friends, family, the government..) to fix your tantrum. Become aware of those feelings, instead, and own them. Then you can shrink them back to their right proportions: what you need to do is to counter them by remaining aware of, and recall, all the good things that you have done and all the fun, revealing, enlightening moments you have lived thru. Be confident that your life work will benefit future generations, and that the example you have set has left a legacy. Be proud!

We need to gain strength from our life experiences, maintain a positive outlook, and rest assured that this world really is changing for the better: more and more people are awakening from the illusion we call ‘reality’ and are learning to rise above it. Other ones are still struggling to make sense of what they are feeling, and are stubbornly resisting and fighting the natural flow of change. They might be having a hard time letting go of their desires, their attachments, their regrets, and the fear of not having enough, which blocks them from tapping into their full potential. Be compassionate, with yourself and with others. Don’t try to fix other people who don’t want to be fixed (they can only decide to fix themselves!), but don’t let them dump their negativity on you either – because that would clip your wings, not just theirs. Follow your passion(s) and set your example.

“[…] I don’t need to fight; To prove I am right; I don’t need to be forgiven […]”
– The Who, “Baba O’Reilly”