Life might have been challenging lately, but it’s time for renewal and rebirth.
In the last period you might have heard the call of your vocation, of your mission in life, or you might have just been getting more self-conscious, knowing and understanding yourself better.
You have become aware of a shift or expansion in your consciousness and are gaining higher awareness from the Universe.

Review your past so you can decide where to go and what do do in the future, and act in that direction! Don’t spend too long just analyzing things and looking at the theory, tho; don’t wait to have it all figured out and perfect. Don’t just ‘try’ to do something without a strong commitment, but actually do it! Stop procrastinating. The time is now.

Don’t be afraid: you can be confident you are ready for this change and/or for making important decisions that you have been delaying.
Commit yourself and follow the spiritual path you have been seeking, or follow the call of a new direction. Do not fear.
Step in your power, beat your drum, sing your song! You can do this!