Card reading for May 25, 2016

May 25th Card Reading

For May 25th we picked a few cards. They all seem to speak about maintaining truth, honesty and integrity in our every day choices.

Justice, the Tarot card, tells us to act with integrity, and that there could be some confrontation, conflict situation or even legal matter reaching its climax or closure. The key message is that if you are in the right, all will be fine.
It’s interesting that in earlier Tarot decks (for about 500 years) the ‘Justice’ card used to be number 8. Then in he 1900’s it got swapped with ‘Strength’ and it became number 11.
Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine restored it to number 8 in their Angel Tarot deck: since these cards represent the spiritual journey of each soul, you really have to understand what it means to be just, before you can tap into your full strength. That shift in culture and thinking has probably been one of the biggest underlying causes of the accelerated rhythm and dis-functional ways in which our society swims along today, since moral assessment of choices and actions often became ‘an afterthought’.

In this regard, a passage in the description of this card in another deck – the DruidCraft Tarot – talks of how Druids see life:

“[…] life exists as the result of the interplay of two forces […] these two forces exist within us and at many levels. To act correctly in our lives, and with full awareness, we need to know how to balance or weigh up these two forces to determine when and how to act. […]”

And sure enough, we now know that each and every – for however small – choice we make and action we take, there is an impact. Science called it the ‘Butterfly Effect’:
[…] if a butterfly chances to flap his wings in Beijing in March, then, by August, hurricane patterns in the Atlantic will be completely different. […]

Another Tarot deck, the Gaian Tarot, points us at the inter-connectedness of it all in the description of the card ‘Justice’:

“[…] In Egyptian mythology, the heart of a person who has recently died is weighed against the feather of Ma’at, Goddess of Justice. If the scales do not balance, the person’s heart is devoured by a demon. […] Every day we make ethical or unethical choices that make our hearts lighter or heavier. This happens on a global level, too. When human beings take what they want from the natural world without considering the consequences, devastation occurs. […]”

So when I look at the second card, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue, the Sorceress Goddess is telling us to reconnect with and think of Nature and our environmental footprint and impact. We do this in our every day choices and with our wallets more than by voting. What are the choices you make in everyday life? How ‘conscious’ are they? Are we compromising our values and hope for a better world, are we limiting ourselves with our choices, due to fear, conditioning, or laziness?
Choices like choosing to buy products from or work for a certain type of company (or another) based on their ingredients, policies and agendas. Choices like how do we commute (or if we need to do that at all). Choices about what we consume and eat: these days it is extremely important that what you eat is organic and free range, and everybody should really eat a lot less meat and detox from chemicals/medicines/hormones.

It really is true: if you keep eating industrial/engineered/processed food, meat from animals that are treated like shit and full of antibiotics and hormones, you can’t really awaken from the great illusion. You simply can’t, because what you feed to your body prevents you from feeling connected to Nature deep within. The same is true for the ladies who keep their cycle regulated with male hormones all the times, they slowly turn ‘masculine’ – not visibly, but they start *thinking* more like men. If we want to save the world we need to awaken the compassionate feminine qualities also in men, not the other way around.

And then we have a beautiful card from Denise Linn‘s Soul Coaching Oracle card deck prompting us to take Action. Interestingly written in green – reminding me of both Nature and the heart Chakra – this is also clearly a reminder to act with integrity and thinking about the consequences of every small thing we do.

I am asking you to think of the small, every day choices here, including those that are ‘automatic’ or already established (choices made long ago) that we don’t ever look at or re-evaluate?

I’ll close by re-launching a question I read yesterday from Tara Greene Tarot Psychic Astrology Consultant : Are you happy with your work? If there was no money involved would you still get up and do it? This is a bottom line.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one reading with us.

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