In today’s world and society, we have all been told to toughen up, we have been driven to become detached, and at times even cynical, about life.

While a detached view of life is advertised as being helpful to provide objectivity and clarity, making it the standard approach can prevent us from experiencing the full beauty, depth and richness of the world in all of its aspects.

This detachment can separate you from your feelings, leaving you looking at life from a distance rather than propelling you to joyously participate and be involved in it!
It is important to become aware of when your detachment is useful and when it is hindering you (and others around you).

Just like a caterpillar, you have to go thru a metamorphosis to transform into the new, true, you.

If your heart and mind are still in disagreement, you might be tempted to dismiss this scary but necessary task, and stay cozily in your chrysalis and never come out of it, despite the fact you have outgrown it and is not really that comfortable… but you need to find within yourself the determination to be true to yourself, and fly.

Today you might receive some information, communication or message, which will provide you an insight, opportunity, or even just a fresh viewpoint, which might open up a new phase in your intellectual or spiritual life.

Good luck!

PS – Quote in the picture from ‘The Sacred Ego’, by Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D.