Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness

Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness

You are entering a creative and joyful phase of your life where you no longer have to care to appear as someone else would want to have you. You are free to be who you are, and shine your light.

It is true that we co-create our reality with our thoughts and intentions.
Anyhow, this should not be confused with lazy daydreaming, as actions are very necessary too.

Nevertheless, holding the vision steady and keeping faith and optimism for the outcome are key ingredients for good results. Determination, and faith that things will turn out the best possible way, are the magic mix which will give you the courage and the strength to take the right actions, which will hold you up in flight, and which will help you stand up again when you fall.

Take loving care of yourself today, and avoid other people’s drama and their agendas.
Focus on what really matters to have your dreams manifested.
Don’t limit yourself to dream ‘half-dreams’, but go all the way: have the conviction that you deserve the best.
Believe in your dreams but don’t stay asleep all day dreaming them: show up for them, and flow into your day with an open heart, willing to do good things.

Ignore everything else that distracts you or takes you away from your positive zone. This does not mean being egoistic or evil, but to call into your innate wisdom to set the right limits, boundaries, and priorities.
Be kind, but otherwise ignore everybody – especially those people who try to play guilt trips on you to have it their way.

Just do what you know in your heart to be right. Don’t take bullshit from them and don’t compromise your values. Nobody can ‘make you do’ something you don’t agree with. But don’t fall in the trap to enter in fights with those people either. Walk away if necessary. Remain kind and just do your thing.

If you don’t get too dragged in distractions and stand your ground, today, you’ll get good insights and some great ideas, you’ll feel in good shape, you’ll generally be driven by clear vision, and this can be a day of joy which will give your self-confidence a good boost!


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