Divine Love is our real nature

Divine Love is our real nature

What did you dream last night?

Whether you remember it or not, this full moon has brought a wave of cleansing energy and many have reached a more centered point of awareness, and have woken up renewed and changed, today.

Things will move at a faster pace now, and nothing will be the same.
As rain is pouring down on the roof above my head while I write this, I feel the earth is being washed in the waters of mercy, forgiveness and peace.

As the world is being cleansed, remain fully open to the kind, gracious and caring qualities of the feminine energy of the Goddess – whether you are living in a man or woman’s body, you do all have those same qualities despite conditioning by society and having largely tried to suppress them.

Our feelings and intuition will be very strong today and in the upcoming period, and they can be trusted to guide us and our relationships to a new level. Focus on your goal and flow creatively thru difficulties. Practice happiness. Our plans can move forward, rooted in our natural healing and nurturing strength and the use of creative imagination to bring compassionate actions in the world.

Let’s summon our empathy and live in a harmoniously flow of spiritual practice, maintaining our connection to nature, reading (studying/learning), doing good deeds and leaving time to enjoy.

This is what will ultimately melt down the barriers to Peace, if you accept this energy and allow yourself to dance with it.

Namaste, and Happy Sunday!

PS – If you have not seen this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0ppS0UlYY0 , you should.

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