The number one ingredient in magic is intention

The number one ingredient in magic is intention

This week, it’s prime time to take action!
Let’s make things happen! You are smart and you should have the confidence that your plans will work out.

Intention is definitely a key ingredient for each and every undertaking, so rest in the faith that you have the necessary skills to succeed, such as knowledge, self-discipline, and love for your target.
Good intentions are the seed of happiness.
You have to plant them. Then water and feed the seeds with ongoing dedication to see them sprout.
Good intentions carry the faith that you will get a good harvest, a fulfilled life. Daily renewed commitment and actions give it nourishing and allow the harvest to actually materialize.

Our advice is to remain balanced in your intentions, because they will shape what your future will manifest: let’s not just be driven by intellect (useful, but can make us too self-absorbed) and always maintain a Spiritual connection: we need to maintain integrity while working through this process, keep teaching others, keep sharing our wisdom and our example.

Let’s continue to do things from the heart and unconventionally.
Shine on.

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