Express yourself; don't repress yourself

Express yourself; don’t repress yourself

Today’s quote is not an invitation to quarrel for the sake of it or just to prove a point. It is also not suggesting that you vent endlessly, today, about things like the weather or something else ‘external’ that you can’t really control nor change. Let those things be.

At the same time, it also means finding that right balance where you don’t let others walk on us while staying centered. ‘Taking’ everything and bottling up stress and frustration has never helped anyone in the long run. If there are issues in our relationships they need to be seen and tackled. The trick is to not blame anyone (partners, children, parents, friends, colleagues, the government, the economy…) for your present circumstances and feelings – while their actions might have *triggered* certain behaviors of yours, good chances are that they didn’t *mean* to do that and they had their best intentions when they said or did what they did. All people want to do good, in their own ways, in this maze-like world. All problems are born from miscommunication.
Own your life story instead, and the values you believe in, acknowledge your issues fully and make them explicit, don’t be shy to apologize when you notice you were wrong, or exaggerated (even if you figure that out years later, it’s never too late!). Be willing to rewrite your past.
Analyzing your life stories and making your issues explicit lets you understand what you need to work on and what kind of (internal or external) changes you can make – the goal should be to work those issues out, learn from them and improve.

Mostly, this is a reminder to not keep too quiet about our views, the things we love, the beauty we see. Focus on the positive. Our souls long and crave for expressions of beauty and joy, which are so under-rated in modern society. Especially thru artistic outlets of any sort, we can give space to our inner world and gift it to others.

How often do you remember to say ‘I Love you’ to your dear ones, for example?
How often do you give them for granted, instead?

We are all blessed enough to have at least someone who unconditionally cares for us and helps us thru difficult times and asks nothing in return. Express your gratitude to those people today – and everyday.

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