On some days you know it; then on some other days you get lost and confused again and you start doubting that you, too, deserve all the best from life and are worthy of it.

It really is our mindset that shapes our present and future. You need to hold on steadily to your thread of positive thoughts, and not dwell in the negative ones such as fears or feelings of unworthiness.

Awakening and Enlightenment are not statuses you just acquire once and then it’s done. After you awaken, experiencing bliss is more like a regular practice that you need to keep going with than an automatic pilot. Furthermore, the road is filled with tests to tempt you into deranging from the path all the times, and you always run the risk of falling back asleep. Stay vigilant, stay awake. Don’t panic, and enjoy the ride.

Don’t give up, your miracle is on its way.
Sending strength and love your way to begin the weekend.