Walk your talk and do as you say.
Get over your fears, and just do what’s right.
Don’t wait for others to fix your issues. Own your life.
Lead by example. Just do it.
Don’t feel paralyzed by the many options, don’t over think it.
Take the first step. Savor the first bite.
One foot in front of the other.
It’s OK to not know exactly where the road will lead you.
Take your chances and feel the earth’s energy as it sustains you.
Your ascendant masters and angels are with you and will guide you. Read the signs, which could be many today: the term ‘Friday’ has to do with ‘freedom’, and 13 is a number of manifestation. With the right mindset, and an open heart, today can be extremely positive! Number 13 started being ‘put down’ and turned into negative when patriarchy instituted and pushed down on people those new calendars of 12 months we still use today; previously, mankind was tracking time based on the 13 moon cycles (and female fertility cycles) just fine – in fact with more awareness of what effect those moons/female cycle and energies would have had on social interactions based on each phase. We lost so much of that touch by locking ourselves up in our minds.

“[…] In recent decades science has been shedding new light on how our mind works, how it’s affected by various chemicals and hormones, and how mind and body interact. As a result, it’s becoming easier to recognize the mind for what it is – an extraordinary tool, fine-tuned and honed over eons – but nonetheless just a tool, certainly not the god we’ve made it out to be. […]” – Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D., “The Sacred Ego”

Don’t belittle yourself and others, not even in a joking form. Don’t settle for the road that someone else has already walked, make your own. Remember to only take ‘ethical’ shortcuts – that is, there is a fine line between optimizing (finding a simpler way that gives identical results) and cheating (not holding up to quality standards and respect for others). Think of the impact – in the long run – that your each decision will have, use love as your guide, and then take a leap of faith for what you know makes sense.