Honor and trust your feelings

Honor and trust your feelings

If you feel tired and need to rest, today – then rest.

If you feel nervous – consider the fact that it might not be coming just (or at all) from you, and that you might have absorbed other people’s negative energies (raise your hands if any of you felt other people ‘pushing your buttons’ yesterday).

Cleanse yourself today, take time for self-care.
Many of us live in crammed up city conglomerates and have to deal with and have interactions with a lot more people than those living in sparsely populated or rural areas. The rhythm of modern society is just so fast that many get trapped into their 3D glasses. They forget to ever take them off and stop doing whatever it is that they are doing, and try to just smell the flowers and hear the birds sing, instead.

When walking or driving in a busy street, taking the bus, being in a shopping mall – even if we don’t talk to all those other people, we do have senses and sensations that go beyond the ‘well known’ five. Most of our communication is made of body language – whether we consciously register it or not – and that includes smells, lights, colors, that pass huge amount of information to our brain. Those things do influence us in subtle ways, and we need to allow ourselves time to ‘digest’ those emotions.
Many of us are hearing their sensitive sides just screaming to them to lift the veil of illusion and acknowledge that – deep inside in their hearts – they know we are beings who feed on feelings and emotions too, besides what the rational/scientific mind and society acknowledges or not, we are all part of one collective consciousness.

We all want to stop the nonsensical commercial and ego-driven chatter and speed, and just be in the moment – somewhere peaceful – and discover shapes in the fluffy clouds above our heads.

It’s really OK to allow yourself to do that, especially today.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one reading with us.

PS – Today’s card is from the Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

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