Your light shines thru

Your light shines thru

“Again and again the mind may fly away and follow its old habits, trying to forget that which has given it a glimpse of Reality. But we must try to bring it back. We must learn to purify our heart and simplify our life.” – Swami Paramananda

We get lost in darkness over and over, but deep within our divine light is always shining. In our darkest moment we can at least find a chance to grow, once we get past acting like victims of the situation and just accept those moments.

“I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings”
– “Gabriel”, Lamb

Accepting does not mean staying stuck nor dwelling in misery; all the opposite.
Accepting our bad moments and our emotions simply means to provide ourselves with a framework for acknowledging that those moments and emotions might be just triggered by unhealed part of us, but that they don’t define us. Allowing ourselves to analyze our train of thoughts, dissect it and put those in perspective, make clarity about them.
Yes, we have certain fears – but how likely are they to really materialize? Are we holding back to something, or not allowing ourselves to be all that we can be? Are we downplaying ourselves – and others – for fear?
By rationalizing those fears we can shrink them down, and find a space in our heart where we can make better decisions of love and compassion.
Did we do something we didn’t mean to do? Did we say things we regret having said? Finding that space in our heart will help us summon the strength to try and repair the situation – sincere apologies are under rated, but they are always a great first step! – and decide to do our best to not fall in the same trap again in the future.
Accept the darkness when it comes, but seek the end of the tunnel – don’t stay stuck in it.
Acceptance allows us to get our light to shine brighter and stronger. It means understanding and consciously choosing our actions for the greatest good and with an open heart, rather than reacting to life without awareness.
Acceptance is liberating and empowering.

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