Creating a better world will require will power, vision and determination

Creating a better world will require will power, vision and determination

As this new week begins, let’s keep an open heart! Have patience and compassion with the people you interact with today, and remember that each and every person has his or her own personal struggles that he or she is dealing with.

I have never liked the expression you should ‘bring your A game’. Life is not about winning arguments and getting grades – that’s what college is about; but you shouldn’t stay stuck in that stage for the rest of your life! Life is about finding deeper meaning.

At the Sanctuary of Joy, we rather toast to the ‘bring your compassion’ motto, today and always.

Be thoughtful of your every action. At work, don’t look for quick wins, don’t be obsessed by points, revenues, conversions, deals, money… just do the right things. Do what is right for the environment, the future of our relationships, the next generations, the planet. I read somewhere that among the native american, the elder use to meditate and consider the impact of the decisions/choices they will make for the next seven generations. I wish bankers did that.

Love yourself, and treat yourself right: that includes improving your diet and supplements intake – buy and consume fresh organic food, detox from those medicines and chemicals that imprison your metabolism and hormone cycles. Cleanse, and see the world from your heart, again.

“Let us learn the art of being like little children. We are so grown-up, we have such a sense of independence and self-importance that we cling to our burdens.” – Swami Paramananda

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