with my grandparent

Ode to my granddad

Yesterday would have been my granddad’s 100th birthday, had he still been alive.
Nonno Remo has been my role model in so many ways.

He has been an extremely important father figure for me – in many ways a better father than he had time to be for his own kids, and a better father than my real father was ready to be at the time I was a kid.

The greatest influences my granddad left on me are too many to be listed.

A few of the things he taught me by example (the things I saw him do himself or that he patiently guided me into learning) include:

  • to persist, never give up, and maintain a positive attitude as every struggle can be overcome
  • to respect other people, even if you disagree with them
  • to privately pray, without much fanfare, but with a pure heart
  • that it’s OK to show your vulnerability and own your own bad feelings
  • to fix electrical stuff in the house (lamps, plugs, etc)
  • to always honor and love your wife and kids
  • to use a typewriter (it turned out very useful skill to become a computer geek, eventually)
  • to drive in respect of the rules and limits
  • to be humble
  • to respect food and never to waste it (he was born during the first world war and lived through the second one, so he knew the real value of things)

Even if I should have written this yesterday, we just got back from holiday and the house was messy. Therefore yesterday I have been vacuum-cleaning the house – just like he taught me – and cleaning the kitchen, while my wife did the laundry and later she prepared a meal in the kitchen I had cleaned for her. Granddad and granny were a great team, and I know me and Jyothi have the same level of deep connection they had.

I miss your physical form, Nonno, I would like to hug you but I know you are with me giving me strength and inspiration at every step.
I love you.

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