Goddess guidance oracle card in prehistoric goddess temple

Goddess guidance at Tarxien temples in Malta

While visiting the pre-historic temples in Tarxien (Malta) a couple of days ago, we pulled the ‘Butterfly Maiden’ card from Doreen Virtue‘s ‘Goddess guidance’ oracle card deck. This ‘goddess’ is a Hopi Native American spirit who is called to secure healthy crops and harvest, and she can help with emerging from situations that hold us back and guide us through our transformation process.

Behind the figure of the butterfly maiden, the card shows rocks in the background, with sun and spirals engravings, which we found very fitting with the place we were visiting: for one, several of these pre-historic stone temples in Malta have decorations featuring spirals.
But above all, all these temples and their use have evolved: they withstood cultural and social changes and have been used in different ways by different people in different periods of time. Many of these maltese temples were initially built by the original inhabitants of the island, during the neolithic period. The demise of the temple period and its people has traditionally been portraited as having been a sudden event. In particular, in the Tarxien temple complex, metal artefacts were found which clearly highlight the change in culture and society, marking the end of the Stone age and the advent of the Bronze age, around 2500 BC. Speculations of how the changes happened include natural calamities, famines, or an invasion by a different population. While the actual causes are not completely clear to archeologists (and, missing key historical evidence, they might never be clear) these might have been nothing more than a mixture of social and cultural changes, where the new and the old eventually blended into each other. Either way, history tells us that these were temples have witnessed times of transformation, just like the card indicated to us.

Times of transformation often feel hard in the moment, but they are part of the natural cycle of life, and resisting them is of no use. Learning to let go of the old and welcome the new can trigger our worries – but we should look at these changes with excitement, not fear, as they are always happening for the best! Let’s embrace the lessons the past has brought us, but let’s not be stuck in it! Let us go of the old, and move on: spread our wings to fly and bring our new selves to shine into this world!

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly” – Richard Bach, “Illusions”

“Butterflies are colorful and bright and gentle and have no way to harm you. They go about their business and bring others pleasure while doing it, because just seeing one flying around makes people happy. I’d like to think of myself as bringing people happiness while I do my business, which is my music. I’m content with what I am, and butterflies seem to be content to be just what they are, too. They’re gentle, but determined.”
– Dolly Parton

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