Goddess guidance at Ggantja temple

Goddess Guidance at Ggantija‬ temple in Gozo

Hi dears, we are in Malta and we have started exploring the wonderful temples, which are among the oldest megalithic stone structures still standing on earth. There used to be 40 Neolithic temples in Malta and Gozo, but only 9 remain. Of these, only a few are open to the public: some are still being excavated and some are closed for other reasons. This is a comeback for us (Daniele and Jyothi) – we came to Malta 13 years ago and have seen these places already, but we were much younger and definitely not as ‘awakened’ as we are now. This time we are more intentionally seeking a spiritual connection to that ancient culture and to the energy of the island, which by some is considered to be “earth’s belly button”.

Yesterday we visited Ggantija (from ‘Giant’) in Gozo (Malta’s sister island): the site contains two temples side by side. Legends say that a large Goddess built them – for her and her daughter – in one day and one night. The shape of the temples themselves recalls the image of the goddess, curvy and abundant.

There were some visitors – luckily not too many (as far as touristic places go…), so we actually had the luxury to spend some alone time in the temples, and soak in the energy there, which felt really special, quiet, peaceful. The people who built these temples were not driven by fear, they were not slaves, they were not forced. They were peaceful, creative and spiritual people, living in harmony with Nature. They didn’t use weapons. Only art and day to day tools were found. These people (according to paleontologist’studies of bones etc) were healthier than those who came later, but this civilization somehow disappeared. The people from later bronze age turned the temples into burial sites, rather than ‘living’ places of light they had been.

One cannot help but draw a connection between these early people and the ‘earthly paradise’ of Eden. Eventually fear and ego took over the spiritual connection that the early humans had always so present, and blame and anger gave start to wars, suffering, and division between humans.

But it wasn’t the snake who did that – the snake was actually a goddess symbol of knowledge and of the natural cycle of life and death and rebirth, which the very male-dominant catholic church turned around into the devil, just like it burned ‘witches’ at the stake later on… the ‘official’ bible blaming Eve for eating the forbidden fruit is just that: making a statement about patriarchy being in charge and being extremely scared of losing control or, in other words, too much testosterone at the steering wheel.
We know we have seen the same process again with Native Americans when the Europeans arrived, and with every other ethnicity and population that was peaceful, true to its feelings, and creative…

While in the temple, we sat down and we pulled a few Oracle and Tarot cards for various questions we had. We prayed. We left flowers behind.

The card in the photo (from the ‘Goddess guidance’ oracle cards by Doreen Virtue) is a gift for you today, and a reminder to stay gentle and kind, and remain true to ourselves and our loving nature – all humans want to be good and do good, before they get conditioned, instilled fear and taught competitive behavior by society. Don’t give in to fear. Forgive yourselves and others.

The goddess was not ‘the boss’ – it’s not matriarchy over patriarchy. It’s about balance of Yin and Yang. The goddess is a guide and an example. Female energy is giver of life and is to be revered because it balances out the drive of the male energy which, left on its own, tends to turn destructive. And if something can save humanity, that is Love.

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