Life is a game; play it

Life is a game; play it

Here’s a few thoughts and inspirations for the day, whipped up for you in the early hours while witnessing a beautiful morning sky.
Today might feel like it’s starting on fire, but I hear that we might need to regroup and take care of ourselves in the afternoon/evening hours.
Don’t over-do today, take it easy! Take time to enjoy – not the crazy partying kind of enjoyment, rather experience the beauty of each little thing, and take time for self care.

Life is a game; Play it.
– Sathya Sai Baba

Scientific knowledge alone is never sufficing. It might be a starting point, but we must look for something deeper.

[…] Science plus union with God make up the Yoga system. The term Yoga is a sacred word […] it signifies ‘Union’ […] We need to find our access to the within and Yoga gives us the methods by which we can do this.
– Swami Paramananda

at the rhythm of the rain
Make it a friend
not an opponent
She will teach you
the magick of the rainbow
and of all good things
that shower us with blessings
– Daniele Muscetta

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