Take time to smell the flowers today.
Spring is in the air and a new astrological cycle (year) starts after last night’s new moon. The world begins anew with the new day.
Appreciate the beauty in every moment.
The birds in the trees behind our house are singing a beautiful concert for us this morning – as I am writing this – as they call the Sun to dispel last night’s darkness. Even if you don’t have parks where you live or work, you can usually find some natural element here and there such as wild flower stubbornly growing on the side of a road, birds flying over your head, or even just the mutating shapes of the clouds are all wonders and reminders that we are part of the wholeness. If you spend a lot of time in closed spaces (an office for example) try to have at least a plant of some other ‘natural’ element around.
When we allow ourselves the time to slow down and reconnect with Nature, when we let ourselves out of the busy rhythm of society to smell a flower, water a plant, feed a bird, or simply daydream the shapes that emerge from the clouds, we sense who we really are, no different from the flower, the bird, the tree – made of the same atoms and energy, part of the same mother earth, connected to Spirit.
Do not dwell in despair, but be Love and spread Love, letting Love in the world (and ourselves) grow.
Don’t let the news, the media, your insecurities, gloomy people and other negative forces drag you back into the collective hallucination that wants you fearful, insecure and repressed.
Focus on the positive. Liberate yourself.