Oracle card reading for April 2016

Oracle card reading for April 2016

To gain general insights into the month of April, we pulled three cards from the ‘Soul Coaching’ Oracle card deck by Denise Linn (published by Hay House). The cards represent the first, second and third part of the month.

The beginning of the month brings a reminder for ‘Purification’.
This can be cleaning the physical world, our spaces, our bodies, as well as our thoughts and intentions. Exterior and interior cleansing tend to go together: a good shower can relax us and ‘wash off’ stress, de-cluttering your home and getting rid of things we haven’t used in a long time and don’t need also makes thinking space to clean ourselves from emotional baggage that no longer serves us. This theme of ‘spring cleaning’ also came up a few days ago (on good Friday) with another card, and it’s really important in this period that demands clarity.
Affirmation: “My energy field is being cleansed of all that I do not need!”

The middle part of the month we got the card ‘Surrender’: more clarity will come to us, if we let go of our instinct to try to control everything. When we accept things as they are we can find the peace to trust the universe.
Affirmation: “All is well. I surrender to my inner guidance.”

The card we drew for the last part of the month of April is ‘Light’: think of who you are, what you came to do into this world: we are not our bodies; our souls we are pure and infinite beings of light. Don’t worry. Even in the darkest moments, everything can be figured out, because the light is within you. Continue in the de-cluttering process so that you don’t have any obstruction for your light to shine into the world and be of example to others.
Affirmation: “My light radiates through my life and the world around me!”

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