The Sun (DruidCraft Tarot)

Daily Tarot: The Sun

Hi dears,

the energy this morning can be very emotional, as we proceed on our path of renewal and re-discovery. The daylight saving time change that went in effect this past Easter weekend (in many countries in Europe) for sure added up to that, as our bodies try to find a new rhythm. Nevertheless, we will make it thru these adjustments and we should see the cup as half-full, not half-empty!

I pulled a single Tarot card this morning, and I got ‘The Sun’.
This card represents that we are receiving good insights, great ideas, good health, clear vision, joy, self-confidence. We are growing. We need to have trust in life; the sun shines, and everything will be fine.

The symbolism in the image is pretty clear: a naked child, shining with light, riding a horse, coming forward. It trusts the future. It accepts the will of the universe. It takes all things as they are. It flows positively with his life. It can optimistically ride into his future.

This particular card is from the ‘DruidCraft Tarot’. I like this Tarot deck very much as it still retains a lot of the symbolism of the more traditional ‘Rider Waite’ tarot while incorporating wiccan and druidic ideas. I wrote about this deck in other posts.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one reading with us.

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