Daily Tarot: Unity (The High Priest – The Pope – The Hierophant)

Hi beautiful people!

The beautiful card we pulled today from the ‘Angel Tarot’ by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine by is card number 5: ‘Unity’ (In ‘traditional’ tarot it is called ‘the Hierophant’ or ‘the Pope’ in some decks).

The way I normally explain this card is that it represents an invite to surround ourselves with like-minded people who have spiritual strength. Discipline and order alone might produce results, but too often without morality, so using those alone can be dangerous as they give space to ego and those thoughts might end up creating the wrong things in our lives. It is only when we are surrounded by Love and Peace, and be guided by higher purpose, that we can create truly beautiful, ethical, and valuable results.

This card can also represent a clash with the traditional way of thinking, rules of society, and that doing things ‘the old way’ might not be serving us. Or the contrary, we might be doing things way too unconventionally and without discipline and rigor. Either way, the ultimate invite is to be connected with Source (thru the help of our friends, masters, guides, teachers, true lovers) to find inspiration about the right balance.

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