Why do you seek the living one among the dead?


This year has never been a more appropriate time for the theme of Easter.
It’s a year of closing chapters and opening new ones. More and more people are awakening. On this day, let’s celebrate our new selves!

Did you know that your body continuously changes and old cells get replaced by new ones? Every 7 to 10 years each one of us has almost a completely new body! This means that, under the right conditions and circumstances, we can actually regenerate and heal ourselves even from ‘un-curable’ and ‘chronic’ diseases.

Before Jesus’s story clearly exemplifying rebirth and ascendance, Easter was already associated with the concept of birth in older religions.
For example, Ishtar (sounds like ‘Easter’) was the Assirian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex, nurturing, healing, protection and female wisdom.
Guess what? Eggs are a symbol of fertility as well. I’ll let you figure out how the ‘bunny’ came into play…

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