The Canoe - Gaian Tarot

The Canoe

I pulled a card asking some ‘general’ theme for the day. This card is called ‘The Canoe’ (in more traditional tarot decks it is named ‘The Chariot’).

The meaning of the card, in my interpretation, reminds us to have faith in our merits and strengths. It talks of steady vision, going out on a big adventure after what we want, and finding ourselves in new situations that we don’t necessarily know how to deal with or juggle, or maybe will just have a lot going on. To make it thru this voyage we need to balance conflicting forces and opposing energies: we can do this with our minds, holding the shared purpose/goal/vision to bring clarity and steadiness of thoughts, so that those forces don’t go wild and disorganized. With these premises, great things are about to happen. Maybe awards of some sort of public recognition could be on its way. Have faith!

The card in the photo is from the Gaian Tarot deck by Joanna Powell Colbert Artist. This is a beautiful deck inspired by love for Nature and the Earth (=Gaia). I like this deck quite a lot, as the environment is a very dear theme to me, and I have always felt very connected to nature.

On a very personal level, this card – with the Orcas jumping in and out of the water in the background, following the canoe, and the bald eagle, reminds me of some scenes we have observed in real life when we were living in the United States.

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