Tarot reading for March 2016

Tarot Card reading for March 2016

This time around we pulled three cards: for the first, second and third part of the month.

The first card is a Major Arcana: ‘The Star’. This card speaks of Faith, optimism, feeling that we are on the right path. As we start this month of March with this card, it’s a great time to make a wish for something important or that we really care about, and keep that vision steady; don’t lose hope but have faith that your wishes will come true in good time. Have confidence that everything will be fine and your practical work will bear its fruits.

The second card which we pulled to give us insights is another Major Arcana: ‘The Lovers’. This card tells us that, as we get into the central part of the month, some kind of (new or old) passion will be awakened. We’ll be all fired up to get into action and we might get insights and signs from the Universe. We’ll discover (or remember) what it is that makes our heart beat happily. For some people this might mean romance, for others it will be art, or love for their work, or their family. This is a time for making choices – maybe those that have been avoided in the cold winter months: choices not to be made with our intellect but really listening to our hearts and ‘gut’ feelings.

The third card for the month of March is a minor Arcana: the ‘Three of Cups’ (or of Waters, in some tarot decks). This is a card that speaks of celebration: there could be some party, event, recurrence, announcement, milestone or other occasion to celebrate with friends and people dear and near to us. Even without specific events, this period denotes the start of Spring, and also Easter is in this period: celebrate it. Notice how joy, laughter, art, and anything that expands your horizons will make you feel better, especially if shared with others. This is a time to enjoy and to Love.

We hope you enjoyed this reading and found it helpful. Let us know!

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As a closing note, we have used the mini ‘Pagan Cat Tarot’ deck for this month reading, produced by Lo Scarabeo, Italy Lo Scarabeo Tarot . It’s a cute little deck (little as in ‘the cards are small’, which is good if you have small tiny hands like Jyothi) that doesn’t deviate much (in fact, respects quite a lot) from the symbolism of more ‘traditional’ tarot decks, while at the same time is packed with cute funny feline characters and elements in each and every image.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one reading with us.

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